New Years Message

For A New Start, You Need A New Heart

 Once again Pastor Glenn delivers a riveting message that opens our eyes to know that falling down is a part of life. It's getting back up, with Gods perspective, that counts. 

A Seasonal Message

Wise Men Sought Jesus, They Still do! Part 2

 This week, Pastor Glenn guides us through Gods journey and how it is all about being set free. 

A Seasonal Message

Wise Men Sought Jesus, They Still Do

 In this seasonal word from Pastor Glenn, we are reminded that Jesus is the greatest gift we have ever received. 

visiting Pastor Steve Tull

Love One Another

 This week we receive from Pastor Steve Tull an endearing message emphasizing how nothing is more important than being united as one and how we are to love and encourage one another in our obedience to God. 

Cuba Missionaries

Guest Missionary Speakers from Cuba

 Here we welcome from Cuba, Freddy and Raquel Riveron to speak to us about what is going on in Cuba and how God is on the move. 

Are you walking by faith, or are you trapped by fear?

Week 5: The Journey Of Faith Needs Perserverance

 God teaches us to rely on Him. This lesson from Pastor Glenn helps point out that although we all go through things that will challenge us, without faith, it is impossible to please Him. 

Are you walking by faith , or are you trapped by fear?

Week 4:Supernatural Faith Is Powerful

 This message in the series by Pastor Glenn Wanless expands on the saying, "I'm not moved by what I see, but by what I believe". 

Are You Walking By Faith Or Trapped By Fear?

Week 3: You Faith Is Practical

 Do people see Jesus in you? This week we explore through Pastor Glenn the topic, "Your Faith Is Practical". 

Are You Walking By Faith, or Trapped By Fear?

Week 2: His Faith Is Purposeful

 In week 2 of this series by Pastor Glenn Wanless, we are taken on an incredible journey highlighting how we need well grounded, well founded faith. 

Are You Walking By Faith, or Trapped By Fear?

Week 1/2: Real Faith Is Passionate Pt2

Do you know who you are in Christ? Week 2 in this series from Pastor Glenn Wanless helps us answer that question.

Are You Walking By Faith, or Trapped By Fear?

Week 1 Real Faith Is Passionate

As in the parable of David and Goliath, God has given us the power of the Holy Spirit. This week we embark of a new series entitled Are you walking by faith or trapped by fear, by Pastor Glenn Wanless.


Forgive The Interruption, But Please Pay Attention

The fact that you are still alive means God has you around for a reason.  This week Pastor Glenn guides us through how we are to represent God and make a Gospel Footprint.


The Cross

 This riveting message from Pastor Rick Rubeis explores the 3 crosses on the hill and the different conditions and viewpoints they represent. 


Who Is My Neighbor?

 Do you have a heart of compassion? This message from Pastor Glenn reminds us of the story of the good Samaritan. 


Week 4 Where is God's Provision?

 Inasmuch as we have to take up our cross daily for we'll never have this day again, Pastor Glenn leads us into helping answer, "Where is God's Provision?". 


Week 3 What is God's Economy?

 Through the parable of the Talents, we can establish that stewardship is centerpiece of Discipleship is this week 3 from the series Journeying together, Finishing Strong by Pastor Glenn Wanless. 


Week 2. what is the Kingdom Plan?

 "I do not want to merely possess faith, I want faith to possess me!" If this pertains to you, then you will feel delivered in this message from Pastor Glenn Wanless. 


Week 1 What is New Vision's DNA & Culture?

 As we begin this new series, we study New Vision Churches DNA & Culture. In this message we examine are we with Him, or do we THINK we are with him.